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Introducing Smoked Maple Syrup! We have taken the great tasting, high quality syrup you know and love to the next level. Smoked over natural hardwood, the syrup is infused with real smokey flavor. You may be wondering what exactly you should do with this treat. We are here with lots of ideas for you. Want to kick your cocktails up a notch? Smoked Syrup pairs well with bourbon and whiskey. Dessert lover? Us too, try it over vanilla sponge with whipped cream and a drizzle. It's excellent on bread pudding, and gives the impression you cooked over open flames. Grilled meats? Absolutely. Pork Roast? Dreamy. Even salmon benefits from a drizzle of this uniquely flavored maple. Packaged in a clear glass bottle, 12.7 fluid ounces. 

Smoked Maple Syrup

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